Saturday, June 21, 2008

Combat Rings Photoshoot!

Hey guys! Coming up next week is the photoshoot & training class profiling the Graham Method and the SureFire Combat Rings for Combat Tactics. Mr. Cameron hopkins, the editor of Combat Tactics, and Mr. Ichiro Nagata, easily the world's best photographer of all things weapons & tactics related, are going to be here in Virginia June 30th and July 1st.

On the 30th we're going to be with the Fredericksburg Police Department SETT team doing some Graham Method combat applications training. This is going to take place at their new facility in Fredersickburg. It's a very nice range and I'm excited to work with the team.

On July 1st Cameron, Ichi, and I are heading down to ITI Armor Group so they can profile another GRAHAM COMBAT Course. ITI Armor Group has a fantastic training facility that few civilians will ever get to see; over 90% of ITI Armor Group's time is filled with facilitating government and military training contracts. Ichi will be able to capture a lot of unique features to their training compound that will be a "first" for most readers when it comes out in Combat Tactics.

The exciting part for me is that the training course and the photo shoot will encompass ITI Armor Groups large commerical aircraft; having been an Air Marshal for four years and developed the Graham Method and Combat Rings for use within the Air Marshal environment it will be nice to pay homage to that part of my past and honor the men & women who fly those missions each and every day throughout the world.

Looking forward to posting some preliminary pics here next week of the photoshoot as well as launching the Training Forum here in the blog. Talk soon, -M