Monday, November 1, 2010

Wait a minute...what? WTF??

Hey guys, haven't had a chance to see it yet but with the amount of phone calls, texts & emails I received over the past 24 hours I can only assume the latest issue of Combat Tactics hit the stands.


I am a former air marshal, not a sky marshal.  I have never, and will never, claim to have been a sky marshal.  As all of those know the difference will attest: it is a major one.

Sky Marshals were the brave, selfless, professional men & women of the counter-terrorism mission surrounding US aviation assets PRIOR to September 11th, 2001.  Of the much publicized and immortalized sky marshals there were only 33 prior to 9/11.  When I came into the program it had been re-badged, reconstituted, and renamed the United States Federal Air Marshal Service, therefore we were all called "air marshals", not sky marshals.  Of the original 33 sky marshals I had the pleasure of knowing only 1, "C".  Or two, if you count a (now) retired world-famous US Marine Lt. Colonel who served as a sky marshal in the late 60's who I also have spent some time with.

If you have comments or concerns please direct them to the magazine's editor, not me.  As hard to believe as it may seem to some of you, after I write an article and submit it for print I NEVER GET TO SEE IT AGAIN.  So, just like in this case, what is added or detracted from my original words I see in print for the first time, off the bookshelf, the same as you. 

Hope this helps....and P.S., go pick up the latest edition of Combat Tactics and take a read of the articles.  I don't know all of the guys that write for the magazine, but most of them that I do know have solid operational backgrounds and know what they're talking about.  I always take a lot of information away from the articles printed and use it as a good resource.  

Off to the book store to get my own copy and write my own scathing email to the editor...-M