Friday, May 4, 2012

GCTC - ECHO VALLEY, JUNE 15-17, 2012


Registration is now open for the 3-day pistol & carbine course, located at Echo Valley Training Center outside of Winchester, VA, June 15-17.  This three day 32+ hour pistol & carbine course is movement, vehicle, low light and medical-scenario intensive.
We will be conducting low light/no light evolutions during the evening/night of days 1& 2 - if you are uncomfortable moving and shooting in darkness please don't come.  We will also be doing full-contact close-quarters live-fire drills - if you are not physically able to run, move, strike, or be struck please don't come.
Cost is $550 (please bring a separate $75 range fee to be paid to Echo Valley).  You will need a pistol & a carbine or sub gun, at least 3 magazines for each, a sturdy belt, holster, magazine pouches for both or kit and carbine sling, eye and ear protection, and at least 1000rds of ammunition for each weapon. 
I believe you should FIGHT WITH WHAT YOU CARRY so bring the gear and equipment you use everyday.  Space is limited; spots are first come, first served.  To reserve your spot send the $550 payment via Paypal to  If paying via DOD CAGE CODE, Graham Combat's CAGE CODE is 5XSV5.  If paying via Purchase Order we need to hear from you PRIOR to the course.  Once registered you will receive a confirmation email from me confirming your slot in the course within 24 hours.

Shoot fast, hit first. -Matt